Roofers Working in Heat and Humidity Give Advice for Coping – Erie News Now

Andy Vinca owner at Angelo’s Roofing is especially proud of his roofing crews who he says have the right stuff for the job, but are working smart too.  “Continually staying hydrated with water and gatorade,” he said, “eating bananas and fruit…bananas for the potassium — but you have to have the mindset to do roofing, the courage to get up their but you also have to eat and drink right.”

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parenting advice from Care and Feeding.

Nicole is out this week, so we’re publishing a few of her classic Care and Feeding letters. Have a question? Submit it here or post it in the Slate Parenting Facebook group.

Dear Care and Feeding,

I have a 14-year-old who came out to us as nonbinary/genderfluid about a year ago. They usually present androgynously, with occasional forays more masculine or feminine. I’ve long been a staunch liberal and ally, and my spouse and I have done all we can to be supportive, accepting, and loving. But I won’t deny that this parenting path has been difficult and confusing

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