11 products to help you knock off the home improvements on your fall fix-it list

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Spring cleaning is a term most people are familiar with, but fall is a time when many people choose to buckle down and tackle the growing list of repairs that have been adding up while they were busy enjoying the summer sun. And, although it may be a daunting list—especially if you lack any handyman skills of your own—it really is possible to knock that list out quickly if you have the right products. 

Which is why, if you have a

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Does USAA Insurance knock hailstorm roofing statements down and by doing so, hurt its armed service associates?

USAA Insurance coverage claims to loyally serve its veteran users and their households. But that may perhaps not always be so according to a lawsuit, Kraig Vandewalle vs. USAA.

1000’s of lawsuits are filed from insurance policies organizations in Texas each 12 months. The Watchdog examined one particular to research a procedure applied to deny statements.

Vandewalle is a retired Air Power colonel from San Antonio. According to his lawsuit, USAA declined to fork out for a replacement roof just after a hailstorm.

Clare P. Rodgers, his lawyer, acquired during pre-demo discovery a cache of interior e-mails from USAA and

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